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About Me

My name is Julie Griffin and my private clinical practice is based in Oakham. I also offer Online counselling sessions as an alternative. Therapies are tailored to meet the needs of the individual allowing the young person to feel heard and valued, this supports them in making their own choices.My belief is that young people often need extra support at this stage of their lives, when there can be many changes occurring. They face many challenges both mentally and physically. Young people sometimes need to find this support outside of their family and friends network.

Julie Griffin
  • Experience

    I have been involved in counselling and psychotherapy with young people for over 15 years, working in secondary schools, secure units, colleges and private practice.

    I have additional training in self harm, Anxiety prevention, Attachment disorders, neuroscience and creative therapies.

  • Training

    – Self Harm issues with Young People
    – Creative Therapies/Sand Tray work
    – Neuroscience and the brain function
    – Solution Focussed Therapy
    – Family dynamics
    – Gender identity
    – Anxiety prevention

  • Qualifications

    – MA: Counselling and Psychotherapy Children and Young People. Nottingham University 2011
    – Dip: Counselling and Psychotherapy 2008
    – Level 3: Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 2009
    – Cert. Solution focussed therapy 2014
    – Cert. Neuro Linguistic Programming 2014
    – Advanced Cert. Supervision

  • Accreditations

    Counselling Accreditations

Counselling & Psychotherapy

So what exactly are
Counselling and

and Psychotherapy are
basically the same in that
they offer several therapeutic
interventions. A psychotherapist
tends to have more experience and
more extensive training in these interventions. The importance
is centred round being given
time to be heard.

Why would a
young person need
Counselling or

Young people
sometimes need
support with any number
of personal, psychological
or mental health problems.
These can be anything from
bullying and abuse to sexuality
and anxiety issues. Giving young
people the time to talk freely is
crucial to facing their issues.

What are the benefits
of Counselling and

Some of
the benefits are:
- Increased well-being
- Regaining happiness
and confidence.
- Being more able to cope.
- Discovering ways to deal
with problems.
- Empowering you to be able
to make your own choices

Counselling Services

Service Offered

You will be offered a 30 minute appointment for an assessment. You may wish for someone to come with you to the assessment appointment. The therapist will listen to your reasons for seeking help and go through a few easy questions. Either alone or with the person you wanted to bring with you. At this appointment a personalised therapeutic plan will be discussed, as the needs of each individual are unique to them. You will be offered a range of interventions for example:

– Talking Therapy (Online appointments available as an alternative)

– Creative Therapies

– Solution Focussed/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sessions will be on a 1:1 basis between you and the counsellor and will be confidential, with the exception of any safeguarding issues which will be explained during the assessment appointment. Sessions are 45 minutes in duration. The frequency is worked out between us. This service is also available to Schools/Colleges/Companies/GP Surgeries – Prices for this will be given upon application.


  • £60 per 45 minute session
  • £35 per 30 minute initial session

*Reduced fee’s for full time University students and counselling students


Payment on the day of the session by cash or cheque or in advance by bank transfer. Online sessions need to be paid in advance by bank transfer.


‘It helps me understand my problems easier. It’s easier to talk to a counsellor. It feels good to know you can talk to them about anything and they can’t say anything to anybody.’

‘I felt stupid talking about things like this but actually it was easy and really helped me’

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Counsellor Phone Number 07565 207955
Counsellor Email
Counsellor Address Rutland Rutland Therapy Centre
40 Melton Road
Oakham, Rutland
LE15 6AY


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